9 Easy DIY Projects That Can Add Value to Your Rental Property

There are many reasons you might want to invest in your rental property. You might have a dream of flipping it for profit someday, or just want to make the place feel more like home. DIY projects can be an excellent way to create some customizations that will add value and increase curb appeal with little money out of pocket. Here are five easy DIY projects that can help you get started on making your rental property your own!

Here are 9 easy DIY projects that can add value to your rental property:

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint


The simplest and most affordable improvement you can make is repainting the walls in your rental unit.

Painting your walls a brighter or more neutral color can instantly brighten up even the dingiest rental. While the cost per square foot of paint is fairly low, you’ll spend some time making sure the walls are smooth and clean before painting them. Working with small areas will also keep costs down (i.e., don’t try to do your living room with one coat)

Another option is to use inexpensive high gloss paint on select areas, such as the walls and ceiling of a kitchen or bathroom. The higher sheen will make these rooms look brighter and more inviting in addition to making them easier to clean. High gloss tends to show imperfections in the wall surface so keep this in mind when deciding which areas to paint.

Finally, consider repainting the doors and trim that go along with your walls. Even if you don’t have a brand new color in mind, it doesn’t hurt to give everything inside and outside a fresh coat of paint. This could potentially make your home more appealing to buyers or renters alike.

2. Upgrade Your Showerhead

If your home has a basic shower hose with no frills, it may be time to upgrade. A new showerhead can make your bathroom look more modern and luxurious while providing an extra incentive for tenants or buyers to take a longer “bath”

Stronger pressure is another benefit of updating a showerhead. It may be tough to imagine how a new shower head can make the water feel stronger, but if your bathroom has poor water pressure, to begin with, upgrading the showerhead may deliver better results.

3. Install New Hardware on Cabinets and Doors

One of the best ways to upgrade a rental property is also one of the easiest: replacing doorknobs, cabinet knobs, and pulls. These small but important changes can provide immediate improvement without requiring a lot of time or effort.

You may also consider changing the door or cabinet frames for additional design upgrades with minimal expense. Just remember that it’s easier to install new hardware when you’re buying a home than it is to remove existing pieces and replace them with the new style of your choosing.

4. Add Glass Shelving

Adding glass shelving is another way to improve a rental home’s appearance without spending a lot of money. Glass shelves can make rooms feel brighter and more open while adding an upscale vibe that will attract both tenants and buyers. Plus, if you’re renting outa place that has kids, they’ll be more likely to leave the shelves alone since glass is harder to break than wood.

5. Clean It Up!

While it’s tempting to do a mass clearing out of your rental unit before putting it on the market, this can have a few negative effects. First of all, you may get rid of items that could have resale value. For example, an older couch or table may be worth more than you think

A second reason to avoid mass selling and throwing is that it can create clutter in the home which can make the unit feel smaller. Finally, even if you do get rid of almost everything in your rental, your potential buyers will see that you have removed almost everything from your home. There’s no reason to remove items if you plan on leaving them behind anyway!

Instead, consider decluttering by category. For example, get rid of all of the kitchen appliances (while keeping any nice ones), clear out all the clothes from your bedroom closet, and sell off any items that don’t have sentimental value. It’s easier to let go of belongings in small chunks, and you’re likely to get more money for the items you do decide to sell.

6. Consider Removing Carpeting

If your rental property is older or doesn’t have hardwood floors, replacing carpeting with hardwood may be a simple way to increase the value of your home. While this may be impractical in a home you own, getting rid of carpeting is a simple way to upgrade a rental without installing complex hardwood flooring or other additions

Appliance upgrades are another easy DIY project that can add value to the property. For example, if your kitchen has an older stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, it may be time to replace them. While this isn’t something you can do overnight, getting a new kitchen all at once rather than waiting for the parts one by one could make your property more appealing not only to potential renters but also prospective buyers and increase its value.

7. Add Wall Shelving in Your Living or Dining Room

This idea is similar to adding glass shelves and can be done in the same way. Wall shelving can make rooms feel lighter, more spacious, and more open while acting as a display for all of your favorite collectibles and artfully arranged items.

8. Install New Flooring in a Bedroom or Living Room

Replacing carpeting in a bedroom or living room with tile, hardwood flooring or laminate can be another way to make an immediate improvement while adding a sleek new look. While this is a big project that may take several days or more to complete, it’s an ideal rental home improvement for the DIY-minded landlord who isn’t afraid of new construction projects.

9. Add Faux Wood Paneling to a Bedroom or Living Room Wall

If you don’t want to replace an entire wall with faux paneling, consider adding it in front of your windows for added texture and detail. You can also add simple crown molding to the ceiling above the panels. This works best in rooms that can have an open feel – think bedrooms rather than living rooms or dining rooms.

Although the projects above require some work and may not be appropriate in every rental property, they are simple ways to improve your home without spending a lot of money.

A few small changes can make all the difference when it comes to showings and offers. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how to put your own touches on your home while increasing its value.

If you have tried any of these projects or has your own suggestions, please share inthe comments!

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